Artist Statement

My work explores the idea of the rust belt city and its reinvention. I have spent the majority of my life in two rust belt cities: Buffalo, NY and Pittsburgh, PA. My childhood in Buffalo imprinted itself in my memory in the form of certain rust belt related colors, architecture and urban decay. I use that memory bank of imagery to inform my drawings, paintings and collages. My work can be described as architectural. It conveys extreme perspective points and displays an aerial view of an imagined cityscape. I use materials like graphite, pastels, charcoal, metallic wax crayons, and collage elements on paper. The history of a rust belt city like Buffalo or Pittsburgh is so compelling because it is the story of a rise, a deep decline, and reinvention. My work is rooted in the idea of reinvention and I feel optimistic about the life cycles of these cities. My work attempts to capture this energy.