Tending Space Fellowship for Artists


Next month I will be attending a Loving Kindness meditation retreat with author and teacher Sharon Salzberg thanks to a Tending Space Fellowship for Artists through the Hemera Foundation.  One of my goals for the weekend retreat is to explore deeper empathy in my art practice.  I'm excited and grateful for this opportunity.

A few months ago I had a strange experience that inspired the painting above, "Clarity," which is not really like any of my other work. Every so often I go into existential crisis mode and think I should do something else (like become a farmer...what?!). I was thinking about clarity and expecting to have a specific vision of what my next step would look like.  Instead, I imagined this crystal clear diamond object. Its edges were so sharp. It was spinning slowly and making a sound as it turned... loud, piercing, clear as a bell. This image in my mind's eye really made an impression and that is how this painting came into being.  I hope that when I attend the Loving Kindness retreat I will be able to re-access this place in my mind through meditation.