Idea Furnace project at the Pittsburgh Glass Center

This month I participated in a mini residency as part of PGC's Idea Furnace. Glass blowing is its own ballet. It takes extreme heat, breathe, blow torches(!), and terms like "cap and blow," (which I learned how to do!). You can see Jason and Ashley's intense focus as they work.

Photos: Porter Loves Creative ©2016

So what were we making? My idea was to create a set of five healing spoons, each one filled with a different element: water, earth, wood, fire, metal. 

We weren't sure if this project was going to work so decided to play with shape and scale of the spoons, making some with twirling handles and some gigantic ones. They are fit for the Mad Hatter's tea party!  Finished spoons coming soon...

Thank you to Jason Forck and Ashley McFarland, Pittsburgh Glass Center, and Nate Shaulis for the great photos.