On focusing, manually.


As the end of the year approaches I've been finishing up some artwork and taking time to document what I've made this year. My camera skills are rusty but I plan to dust them off going forward. The other day I set up some studio shots to document my ceramics. I bought some flowers and cupcakes to use as props. The cupcake had time for one picture before getting demolished.

It was a good exercise for me to practice looking, I mean really looking through my camera. To focus and refocus my brain and my eyes on what I was seeing. I spent some time thinking about focusing the camera manually. Looking for clean, crisp lines. It was satisfying to move slowly and pay focused attention to the simple task at hand. 

I'm excited for the new year and to make new art.  I'm grateful to those who have been supportive, encouraging, and helpful in a myriad of ways. It means so much. If you added a piece of Lauren Braun art to your collection this year, thank you so much!

May all your wishes come true in 2016!