Microcosm/Macrocosm at Chatham University Art Gallery


One of my Dream Space collages will be included in this group exhibit.
Opening reception: Friday, December 4, 4pm - 7pm

Exhibition dates: December 7 - 18 and January 4 - 22, M - F, 11AM - 7PM

Defined by the Ancient Greeks, the words microcosm and macrocosm propose that the same patterns are reproduced at all levels of the cosmos, from the largest scale (the universe) to the smallest (the sub-atomic). For this exhibition the students of ART 378 Curating the Visual Arts invited members of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh to explore these concepts in works of art limited in size but unlimited in imagination. The result is a broad range of meditations on the theme, from works that explore tiny worlds within worlds, to bits of nature exaggerated in size, to abstract shapes that echo systems found in nature. As part of the programming for Chatham's Global Focus Year of Climate Change, we also conceive microcosm/MACROCOSM as suggesting that the whole can be embedded in the tiniest elements, just as the actions of one individual can impact global circumstances.